Grow Your business faster
with a turnkey building franchise.

Buy a Stroud Homes business that’s ready to go in one of New South Wales’ fastest growing regions.

Buy A
Complete Business

Improve Your
Work/Life Balance

Work With The
Best In The Industry

Are you a qualified builder
who wants to get off the tools?

Many builders are struggling
to scale their businesses while:

  • Managing supply,
  • Fitting out an office,
  • Finding new clients,
  • Handling Marketing,
  • Keeping accounts in order,
  • And making sure the business runs smoothly.

If this sounds like you, its time to make a change!

At Stroud Homes we support you with the systems, processes, product and operations you need to generate long-term profitability and work/life balance.

Don't wait months
to launch your new business!

Get ahead faster with a 
Stroud Homes turnkey franchise.

We're offering the right builder an opportunity to get in front of the competition and buy a turnkey building business with fully fitted shop front ready to open.

From day one we provide you with: 

  • An extensive library of branding and advertising.
  • A sizeable website.
  • An in-house marketing team to help you with your local area marketing.
  • An in-house app that allows you to communicate with all Stroud builders and learn from those that have been in Stroud for years.
  • The knowledge of other Stroud Homes builders who work as part of a team to share information and solve problems.
  • Continuous head office support to implement efficient business processes into your business from building to marketing.
  • Suppliers find it easier to deal with us and we get smoother deliveries and better buying power.

Ready to take your business
to the Next Level?

The Stroud Homes

We're builders too and we know the struggles.

Stroud Homes’ Director James Stroud has been a franchisee and understands what it feels like. That understanding affects everything we do. He has reinvented the way home building franchising should be done, so everyone genuinely benefits.

  • Stroud Homes has an operations manual that covers every detail from managing trades to managing cashflow.
  • We’ve got 100’s of plans. Each of these designs is priced inside our pricing system so there’s a bill of quantities for each plan.
  • Design process – we’re always creating new plans and designs to capture market share in your area – at no extra cost to you.
  • We train your salespeople on how to sell the plans.
  • Black & White quotes – Stroud homes prides itself on quotes that customers find easy to understand.
  • Local area marketing programs – to help you grow leads in your area.
  • National marketing programs – to build awareness of the brand in Australia.
  • Continual training is key to our success – we have four conferences a year to improve your skills and grow your business.
  • We provide, support, growth and potential for your business and bring the flexibility that you need to deliver the best product to your customers.


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